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Denton Cop Bobby Lozano’s Murder of His Wife Covered by Discovery Channel’s David Lohr

Last year, former Texas police detective Bobby Lozano was tried and convicted in a Denton courtroom for the murder of his wife, Viki.  Maybe you remember the case: a real life detective tried to get away with killing his wife — shooting her to death in their bedroom with his service revolver.

Detective Lozano said it was a tragic accident, the gun went off while he was cleaning it. The jury didn’t buy it — or the argument he advanced at trial, that Viki had killed herself (what?) — and Lozano was sentenced to 45 years.

Real life story of cop gone bad, not a TV show

This happened back in July 2002, and Lozano was convicted in 2009. Today, the Lozano story continues its saga into history as David Lohr over at the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery, brings a new spotlight to the Lozano case.  

Lohr describes how it took 7 years for justice to prevail in the case – providing details that include not only the expertise that 17-year law enforcement veteran Bobby Lozano brought to the case but the fact that the victim’s mother was on Lozano’s side. 

TV Show – “I Almost Got Away With It”

So, while the death of Viki Lozano was not the brainchld of a TV script writer but instead her adulterous and coniving husband, Bobby, nevertheless she will become known and remembered indirectly as the Discovery Channel’s David Lohr tells the tale of (unfortunately) another Texas cop gone bad. 

Fiction or reality: at least, we have a good ending here — as the Discovery Channel’s latest TV show promotes, “I Almost Got Away With It,” means that the evildoer did get caught and justice did prevail.  Which is a good thing.

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