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Dallas County 1st Degree Felony Theft More Than $100,000 Case No Billed

The Irving Police Department filed a 1st Degree Felony Theft case on Mr. Lowe’s client without the client becoming aware of the case.  Before Mr. Lowe was hired, the client found himself in a San Diego, California jail upon entering the United States from Mexico. The client hired another attorney who couldn’t get him out of jail on the Dallas County warrant as he sat in jail for 12 days.  As soon as Mr. Lowe was hired, Mr. Lowe was able to get a bond set, posted and the client was immediately released from the jail.

Later on, Mr. Lowe conducted an extensive investigation into the unexpected Theft case.  Mr. Lowe discovered that the complaining witness had not been totally truthful with Irving Police about the items that she claimed his client took from her.  Mr. Lowe discovered that the complaining witness may have misled Irving Police in an attempt to obtain a civil settlement from his client.  Mr. Lowe also helped his client prepare to testify in front of the Dallas County Grand Jury.  In addition, Mr. Lowe submitted a large written report with evidence attached to it to the Dallas County Grand Jury.

After two days of Grand Jury hearings and three witnesses heard, including the complaining witness, the Dallas County Grand Jury sided with Mr. Lowe’s client.  The case was “No Billed.”  In other words, the Dallas County Grand Jury declined to Indict Mr. Lowe’s client and he was cleared of all charges.  Mr. Lowe will be able to soon expunge the client’s record.  The client is now evaluating a civil claim against the complaining witness for damages to his character and his time spent locked up in San Diego.

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