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DA Watch: Whistleblower San Marcos DA Lynn Peach Resigned Yesterday

Lynn Peach went through law school and started building a legal career in what she thought would be a life as a career prosecutor. Lynn Peach thought she was one of the good guys, pursuing justice.

And she is, just not in the way that she thought.

On Monday, Hays County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach resigned her position there in San Marcos, telling reporters that she had no choice due to the “…profound philosophical differences…” between the Hays County District Attorney’s policies and what she thinks is right.

Peach is hanging up a shingle in San Marcos, and starting up her own private legal practice. And yes, she says, “I believe that I did the right thing.”

What Happened Here? Lynn Peach Revealed Some Sneaky Business With an Informant

Then Assistant District Attorney Peach discovered, and revealed in open testimony, that the original informant against Shawn Nathan Shipman (a 29-year-old local facing assorted narcotics charges) was a snitch (aka “confidential informant”) who had been cooperating with the San Marcos cops to feather her own nest — she had some legal troubles of her own, and was trying to help herself out with the scoop on Shipman. The snitch was successful: in exchange for her info, her case was dropped.

Was this told to the defense, or to the courtroom? No. And this is the deceit that Peach sought to rectify. The untrue story that was first told was that the informant was “a concerned citizen,” and it was told by San Marcos Police Department Detective Laray Taylor and Hays County Assistant District Attorney Chris Johnson represented this false story to be true. Peach called it all fraud on the court.

The Cops Lied and the DA Told, and Now She’s Quit

Lynn Peach took the stand and revealed the truth about the informant in this case. Shipman is getting a new trial. The District Judge in the case, Jack Robison, has recused himself (i.e., quit the case) and the Hays County District Attorney’s office offered no objection to Shipman’s request for a new trial.

So, Shawn Shipman got a new trial on May 4th — and on May 11th, Lynn Peach got a new chapter in life.

Welcome to the other side of the docket, Sister Peach.



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