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Crime News: Scientific Study Reveals that DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

Israel has just set the world to spinning — again.  This time, it’s due to a new study released by scientists in Tel Aviv, where they confirm that DNA evidence can be fabricated.  Messed with.  Altered.  

Just what exactly can be done here in faking DNA?

How serious and wide-spread the repercussions are to this news is still being considered.  You see, these scientists didn’t just write some high-flautin’ research paper here.  They did actual, physical demonstrations where they did two things:

  1. They created brand new samples of both blood and saliva that had the same DNA as Person B, while they got their original blood and spit samples from Person A.  
  2. They showed how they could look up someone’s DNA profile in a database, and using that info they could then (presto-chango!) create a DNA sample of that exact same DNA … all the while never having any real, human tissue from the person whose DNA profile they had read on the screen.

What does this mean to criminal evidence in our judicial system?

There’s already some talk about not to worry — how many criminals have scientific knowledge or means to do this sort of thing?  From a criminal defense perspective, that’s missing the mark. 

What the real concern here is the misuse of this new info by those with the means and the know-how:  the lab rats working for an overzealous prosecutor who think that they’re somehow doing the right thing by just cooking up a little DNA to make a weak case stronger.

And if you don’t think that state attorneys have fabricated evidence, then you need to educate yourself on the realities of life today in this country.

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