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Crime News: Michael Toney Dies Within Weeks After Being Freed from Texas Death Row, Are You Suspicious?

Back in 1999, Michael Toney was convicted and sentenced to die for the cruel bombing of a mobile home that killed three people in 1985. 

For years and years, Michael Toney — who had no connection with the victims that was ever found, and who had no physical evidence connecting him to the crime — wrote everyone he could about his innocence.  He didn’t know who put a briefcase with a bomb inside on the Blount’s front stoop, but Michael Toney knew he hadn’t done it. 

Dead Man Walking on Texas Death Row

Few listened, few believed him.  He was the proverbial dead man walking as he spent his days awaiting execution on Texas’ Death Row. 

Amazing Revelation: Prosecutors Withheld Critical Evidence

And then an amazing thing happened.  It was revealed that the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office had withheld 14 pieces of evidence during Toney’s trial that were key to his defense.  They just didn’t share them with the other side.

With obvious chagrin, Tarrant County prosecutors turned the case over to the Attorney General for the State of Texas.  Suddenly, Michael Toney had hope.

Toney’s Case is Overturned — Michael Toney is a Free Man

And then, just last December it happened.  Michael Toney’s execution was overturned.  After some legal wrangling by the AG’s office, Michael Toney walked out of prison a free man on September 2, 2009.

Within One Month of His Release, Toney Is Dead

No one knows much about what happened between September 2nd and October 3rd.  Michael Toney took up residence in Jacksonville.  What we do know is that it was foggy that Saturday morning.  Michael Toney was out driving his pick up truck on a Texas farm to market road near to Jacksonville, when something happened.  The pickup went off the road and rolled over, throwing Toney from the vehicle.  There are rumors of alcohol being involved, but nothing is certain.   

Michael Toney’s Dies One Month After He’s Freed

So, just one month after Michael Toney walked from Texas Death Row into a second chance at life, he died on a foggy October morning all alone, in car crash.  Sure does make you wonder.

There are reports that the bombing victims’ family opine that Toney may not have died in the wreck, though the Texas Department of Public Safety seems pretty sure that Toney is indeed the one who died that day. 

Is Anyone Else Thinking that Michael Toney’s Death is Suspicious?

What hasn’t been reported yet is the possibility that Toney might have been a victim of someone’s thwarted vengence.  There were a great many folk who refused to believe in Michael Toney’s innocence, and this foggy single car motor vehicle accident should get more than its fair share of CSI treatment. 

Criminal law may make one suspicious, but surely there are some folk out there wondering if there is something rotten in Denmark about this accidental death ….

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