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Crime News: Lots of things become crimes in Texas starting tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, September 1, 2009, things will change for all of us Texans.  Lots of laws go into effect that impact our daily lives, and DPS has given all the details in an online pdf. 

Here are some of the biggies:

1.  Kids under 8 yrs. old that are shorter than 4’9” must be secured in a booster seat in a vehicle.   Little guy and in the 3d grade, you still gotta use a booster in the car.   

2.  It is illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving through a school zone in Texas, but before you can get a ticket there has to be big signs telling you it’s prohibited placed around the school zone.

3.  Everyone in a car must buckle up.  Backseat, front seat, old, young.  If you’re in the car, you must wear a selt belt. 

4.  Concealed handgun owners do not face a license suspension for refusing to display the license to peace officers on demand.  You still cannot carry concealed handguns into bars, duh, but if you are accused of violating this law there is a new defense effective tomorrow:  you’re not guilty if the business does not clearly indicate that 51 percent or more of its income comes from alcohol.

5.  Minors can now be charged with the crime of public intoxication.

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