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Crime News: 20th Dallas County DNA Exoneration Walks Free Today

Today, Jerry Lee Evans will walk out of a Dallas courtroom a free man, at the age of 47, after spending 23 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

What Happened to Put The Wrong Man Behind Bars This Time?

Back in 1986, an 18-year-old woman in her first year at SMU was abducted and raped, at knifepoint, in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Jerry Lee Evans was picked up, and not only did he match the description given by the victim, he also had a similar speech impediment.

Now, prosecutors are explaining away their error by pointing the finger at the cops who questioned the teenaged rape victim. According to the head of the District Attorney’s conviction integrity unit, man by the name of Mike Ware, Dallas cops had the girl look over a 6-picture photo spread.

No idea how long after the crime was committed that this occurred, or the state of the victim, emotionally or physically. At any rate, when they did this, they “were leading and encouraging” her to pick Jerry Lee Evans out of the 6 photo lineup in front of her. After she went along, Ware explained, the policeman were then “enthusiastically encouraging” to her. Good job. Right. Can’t you just hear the “little lady” in there, somewhere?

DNA Exonerations: Jerry Evans is Number 20 for Dallas County

Jerry Lee Evans earns a small place in local history today, as the 20th innocent man to be exonerated by DNA in Dallas County, which is particularly interesting because Dallas County, Texas, has had more than DNA exonerations any other jurisdiction in the nation since the State of Texas started to allow post-conviction DNA testing.

Congratulations to Mr. Evans and his family today.

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