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Cop Watch: Webster Cops Taser Pastor at His Church and Pepper Spray the Congregants

These stories about Texas police and their tasers just keep coming – and you gotta wonder which story is the worst. And when something is going to be done about Taser-Happy Police in this state.

The latest story: cops use a taser on a pastor – at the church!

Over in Webster, Texas (which is close to Houston), the police claim that they were just doing a routine traffic stop when this guy interfered with them.

This guy who was interfering was the Pastor of the church whose property they were standing on … and whose church member was the person made the subject of the traffic stop.

Pastor Jose Elias Moran says he was trying to help his congregant, and he got tasered for his efforts. He’s got over 40 other church members who will be witnesses to the event, and they’ll be testifying that they were pepper-sprayed for their efforts to help.

While the cop says the pastor was interfering and pushed him (the cop), the pastor and his following dispute this, reportingly claiming that the cop was angry, the pastor went into the church for help, and after the cop kicked the door of the church these congregants came out where the altercation insued with the tasering and the pepper spray.

Latest on this story: the pastor was hospitalized, and he’s called a lawyer.

Within the past year, taser-targets of Texas Police just seem to get more and more obviously wrong…these stories are hitting us on a monthly basis:

In July 2009, we’ve got a Pastor being tasered by Webster police.

In June 2009, we had the Austin cop tasering the 72 year old grandma (twice) .

In May 2009, we had the drunk who got tasered to death by Galveston cops.

In April 2009, we had the Oakwood Police Chief who tasered his own WIFE.

In March 2009, we had the Houston cops tasering the Father of the Bride at a wedding where family friend Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was arrested.

Tasers are dangerous. And while it’s true that it’s better to use a taser than a gun (and obvious deadly force), it’s nonsensical to think that a Taser is really necessary in dealing with an incapacitated drunk, a 72 year old woman, a Father of the Bride at his daughter’s wedding, or the Pastor at a church … much less a cop’s own wife.

Something needs to be done about this. Now.

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