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Cop Watch: Waco Cops Allegedly Being Paid for Working Two Jobs at Once – For Years

Down in Waco, 10 police officers are in big trouble after an internal affairs’ investigation has charged that they’ve been working in two places at once. Well, that they were getting PAID for working two places at once.

Paid by the Waco Housing Authority and the Waco Police Department

Seems the cops were getting regular pay checks from the Waco Housing Authority for working as security guards at the WHA apartment complexes. Which would be moonlighting, except that the time records show that they were getting paid for working the WHA jobs when they were also on duty as police officers.


Ten Waco Police Officers Involved in the Scandal

The Chief of Police has met with the media, and given the results of the Internal Affairs investigation: 5 cops were fired, 4 others quit, and 1 has been placed on suspension.

Police Chief Stroman also revealed that there may be criminal charges in the future because the Waco investigation was a joint one — they worked together with the FBI and the US Attorney’s office in sniffing out these bad boys.

What do the cops say?

So far, the ten Busy Bees have denied wrongdoing. They may have had second jobs as security guards, but their work hours didn’t overlap. They were just very bad about inputting their billable hours into their time sheets.

Immediate Job Openings to Fill the Void Left by the Double Dipping Ten

Chief Stroman says the streets of Waco are safe enough right now, but he’s interested in filling the positions that have been left by this exodus. The terminated officers were experienced law enforcers and those positions will need to be filled.

So if you’re an experienced police detective, there are a couple of immediate openings up Baylor University way … if you’re interested.

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