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Cop Watch: The Mystery of Ex-Police Chief Michael Meissner – Is He a Sexual Predator or the Victim of a Vendetta?

This week, lawman and Dallas resident Michael Meissner was back in the news as the controversy surrounding his arrest and the subsequent dismissal of all charges refuses to die.

In September, while in the role of Police Chief of Little River Academy (a small town near Waco), Meissner was arrested on the charges of promotion of prostitution, possession and promotion of child pornography and sexual performance of a child. Evidence supporting the Tarrant Country charges allegedly included text messages sent by Meissner to young boys, inviting them to sex parties (whatever that means).

Meissner resigned as chief of police following his arrest.  He sat in Dallas County Jail for one week, and then all charges were dropped and he walked out the doors a free man — and he’s stayed that way.  Neither the Dallas County District Attorney nor the Tarrant County District Attorney are going to prosecute this guy. 

Meissner’s position is that this is all based on a vendetta that’s been pursued by a fellow cop, John Hoskins — who by the way, was the investigating officer that allegedly found the sex party invitation texts involving Meissner, while he investigating another law enforcement officer who was with the Combine Police Department.

Meanwhile, as the mystery continues, video of the cops executing a search warrant on Meissner’s home and the involvement of Kopbusters in the whole story is playing on YouTube.  This is the same Kopbusters who exposed the corruption in the Odessa Police Department last year,and you can watch them in the Meissner sting here: 

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