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Cop Watch: Richard Miles Freed After 14 Years In Jail, After Cops Admit Withholding Evidence

Yesterday, Richard Miles became a free man after being jailed for 14 years.  His mom was there, waiting for him, at the Dallas County Courthouse.

Cops Kept Their Mouths Shut Since 1995

In August 1995, Richard Miles was tried and convicted for murder and attempted murder here in Dallas.  And from then until now, the Dallas police failed to tell the District Attorney or lawyers for Richard Miles that an anonymous caller told the cops that another man was the real shooter, not Richard Miles.

Evidence of Richard Miles’ Innocence

Back in August 1995, there were several witnesses who testified that someone else — not Richard Miles — was the man who shot the gun.  They testified that the shooter shot with his right hand.  And that the shooter wore shorts. Richard Miles was wearing pants at the time.  And, Richard Miles is left-handed.

However, the biggest piece of evidence was kept from everyone by the Dallas police:  a woman had telephoned the cops long before the trial and told them her ex-boyfriend was the killer.  The caller told the police that her ex not only told her that he was the one responsible for the crimes for which Richard Miles was being tried, but he had the 9 mm pistol used in the shootings — and he actually showed her the gun. 

Now, the details of what the caller told the cops was noted by someone at the Police Department.  However, the memo with all the details about her call got filed away, and was not found until the files were being reviewed these many years later. 

What Happens Now?

Judge Chatham released Richard Miles yesterday, and while he told Miles yesterday that he could not personally guarantee what the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals would do (can anyone????), he believes that the high court will overturn Miles’ convictions.  Then, Richard Miles was released by Judge Chatham on his personal recognizance and allowed to walk outdoors and into the waiting arms of his mother, friends, and family. 

Now, let’s see.  Will there be a new arrest in this cold case — or will this case just fade away?

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