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Cop Watch: FBI Busts 2 Sheriff’s Deputies in Major Meth Distribution Biz Run by Motorcycle Gang

Of course, this was a drug dealer’s dream.

For many years, the Hockley County Sheriff’s Lead Investigator Deputy Gordon Bohannon and Narcotics Officer Jesse Quintanilla were working with Motorcycle Gang leader and drug dealer Bobby Duwayne Froman by helping him avoid getting caught as he ran a big meth distribution business out of the Lubbock area, which networked over to California and up north to several Plains states.

This was a pretty big enterprise.

Bobby “Quick” Froman, was the head honcho (his official title was “President”) of the Aces and Eights Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (“OMG”). Aces and Eights is known by the FBI to be a support club of the Bandidos OMG.

Froman’s meth enterprise involved hiring bikers as messengers, carrying cash to California to exchange for drugs (presumably, crystal meth). Once they returned to Texas with the drugs, then Froman’s group would repackage the product and sell it in various states (accepting money, guns, or sex as payment). The FBI’s indictment reveals that a pound of meth had a street value of $13,000 to $16,000 — so this was a lucrative and large enterprise that President Quick was running.

The Phone Taps Got Lots of Incriminating Conversations

Apparently, the good guys were listening in and watching the Bad Cops for a while now. And, in court papers filed this week as part of the FBI’s arrest of Bohannon, Quintanilla, Froman, and others in the meth biz, there are transcripts of actual phone conversations between the bad guys.

It’s pretty clear what was going on from these phone conversations. For example, back in April 2009, Bohannon tells Froman over the phone (pretty cocky, huh – not thinking that the phone might be tapped?) that his home (in Levelland, Texas) was under surveillance. They keep talking and then Bohannon tells Froman to “go ahead and set up our deal” (get that, “our” deal) and that Bobby Froman’s not to worry, “we got your back.”

Another example: Quintanilla has been recorded telling Froman that DPS was close by, and where they were set up, and that if the DPS Troopers were to change spots, he’d call Froman and let him know. (Mind you, Quintanilla was a Narcotics cop.)

There’s a lot more on the tapes. These guys were phone-happy.

Bohanon Is Busted By ATF

Things ending in a somewhat melodramatic way this week, when ATF telephoned Deputy Bohannon and asked him to come help them, as the local authority, in a raid last Friday morning.

When Bohannon got there, the feds busted him. And they got it on video, too. They also arrested Deputy Quintanilla and 18 other evildoers.

Deputy Bohannon is currently setting in a federal jail cell, without bond. He’s got a hearing on July 20th — and he’s asked for an attorney to be appointed to him from the Public Defender’s Office.

For more information, check out the FBI’s press release: http://dallas.fbi.gov/dojpressrel/pressrel09/dl071009a.htm

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