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Cop Watch: Dallas Cop Kept Police Dept Files in His Garage … Now 2000 Cases Being Questioned

Detective Mickey East is working the auto pound desk today while his Dallas Police Department colleagues are going through his files. 

Seems that Detective East — a career cop, with over 35 years of service to the community — has made a habit of taking work home and keeping it there.  Specifically, police files.  You know, where there are witness statements, lab reports, notes from cops, etc.  Things that attorneys sometimes call evidence.

And there are a lot of files.  Over 2000 of them.  All family violence cases filed since 2005.  Family violence — where wives and  mothers and girlfriends and children are beaten and abused.  Pretty important stuff. 

Right now, the Powers That Be are checking the files over because of a concern that things might not have been handled properly.  There are rules — and there have always been rules — on how the cops are supposed to handle evidence.  Keeping it in your garage isn’t cool.

It’s a Big Huge Chaotic Mess

Now, this might be one thing if the files were all neatly organized and color colded, sealed in boxes, and kept stacked against the garage wall next to the leaf blower.  Bad, but not a nightmare.  If Adrian Monk had files in his garage, we probably wouldn’t lose sleep over the file contents, right?

Well, forget that.  The paperwork is a chaotic mess.  It’s not clear if there is any system at all to the arrangement, Detective East just brought in about a dozen boxes filled with paper, all cascading over with documents and some labelled by year.  East turned them over to his colleagues after an internal tracking system picked up that some case files weren’t in the Dallas Police Department proper. 

Right now, the cops are going thru the files in some tension filled conference room down at headquarters .   The District Attorney is already telling the media that while they’re waiting till the cops finish their run-through of the files, the DA already thinks there will be some new family violence cases filed … maybe a lot of family violence cases. 

This Today Right After Richard Miles Being Freed on Monday– What is Up with the Dallas Police Dept Filing System????

We’ll see.  Meanwhile, you read about this and you think back to Monday, when an innocent man spent 14 years in jail before the note written by a cop that told about the real killer’s identity, location, and confession to his girlfriend and you gotta wonder.   What ARE those Dallas police files like?  Sounds like there’s something rotten in Denmark in how the cops keep track of evidence, doesn’t it?

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