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Cop Watch: Austin Cop Tasers 72 Year Old Woman TWICE – Watch Video

You know, this blog has posted about a cop using a Taser on his own wife. And that was bad. This blog has posted about cops using Tasers on the father of the bride during a wedding reception. And that was bad, too. There was also the recent post about the use of a Taser of a Galveston man, where he died. That’s horrible.

But this Austin cop (actually a Travis County Constable), caught on video, using a Taser TWICE on a 72 year old woman during a traffic stop is just unbelievable.

This story has hit international media sources, and the BBC is reporting that the woman is considering a lawsuit, and the Austin American Stateman is reporting that the law authorities are standing behind the constable, taking the position that the elderly woman was dangerous.

You watch the video. You decide.


Austin American Statesman


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