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Denton County Aggravated Assault allegations reduced.

Two clients charged with breaking the nose of another in a fight each received deferred adjudication for a Class “C” misdemeanor.

Dallas Robbery case dismissed.

Mr. Lowe obtained a dismissal for client charged with Robbery and facing up to 20 years in the Penetentiary.

Dallas DWI case dismissed.

Client charged with second DWI in which she was involved in an accident and an open container of alcohol was found in her car.

Client gets probation on two cases.

Client charged with two Aggravated Robberies in Hunt County (Greenville) and was facing two consecutive life sentences, gets probation on both cases.

Dallas Assault case dismissed.

A Dallas firearms instructor falsely charged with punching a student and knocking him to the ground was cleared of all charges.

Public Lewdness case was reduced to disorderly conduct and client\’s case wi

Mr. Lowe was able to get a Public Lewdness case reduced to a Class \’C\’ misdemeanor.

Dallas Assault case dismissed.

Foreign National possibily facing deportation was charged with assault in Dallas.

Resisting Arrest case dropped.

After client arrested by Rowlett police for Resisting Arrest, Mr. Lowe\’s investigation revealed Rowlett Police had insufficient evidence to file case.

DWI case dismissed.

Client blew a .12 (one and a half times legal limit). Mr. Lowe’s pre-trial investigation work proved the test result invalid.

In DWI case, a hung jury in Denton County.

Client blew well over the legal limit, admitted to drinking 8 beers and was found with 2 marijuana pipes and marijuana in his car.