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Biggest DWI “No Refusal” Campaign in U.S.A. Happens in Texas Over 2011 Fourth of July Weekend: What Should You Do if You Have a Bad DWI Blood Test?

These state-wide manhunts for drivers driving under the influence of alcohol aren’t news – law enforcement likes to mount these campaigns over major holidays, and we’ve posted about them before.

However, in the tradition of Texas doing everything bigger and better, over this Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Great State of Texas will make the record books as having the biggest No Refusal campaign that the country has ever seen – and the first such state-wide campaign in history.

Texas has asked for, and received, federal monies to help pay for this 2011 No Refusal onslaught.

As of today, there are around 200 different Texas law enforcement agencies that will be participating. They will have extra officers on the roads, eyeballing traffic for suspicious drivers: those driving aggressively, people who are speeding, or any cars weaving between lanes as well as any other signs that someone might be driving drunk.

It won’t just be over the usual three day holiday weekend, either. The 2011 No Refusal Campaign, hosted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, covers Friday, July 1, 2011 (6 pm) through Tuesday, July 5, 2011 (6 am).

During the No Refusal campaign, the police officer will be asking for a blood test, none of the usual breath tests on a machine or the old school field sobriety tests. Those suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol will be arrested there on the road for suspicion of DWI, and taken to the local police station. Judges will be setting there, at the station, ready to sign the necessary search warrant needed to take the blood for the blood test. A nurse will be there, too, all ready to take the blood from the citizen.

For example, the Irving Police Department already has its North Police Station prepared for this holiday weekend’s No Refusal Campaign.

What Should You Do If You are Arrested for DWI Based on a No Refusal Campaign Blood Test?

Forget the arguments about civil liberties, Big Brother, and the like.  Those arguments are there, but practically speaking, if you get pulled over during No Refusal Weekend, and your blood tests over the legal limit, do you have any defense left to a DWI charge here in Texas?   Maybe so.

Blood tests are not inviolate, and there have been successful legal challenges to them, specifically, as well as to the protocols and procedures of the particular event.  For details on legal defenses to DWI blood tests, read the resources section of the Lowe web site.

Never has it been more important to get a criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible as it is now, with these expedited No Refusal proceedings.  If you get pulled over, get a lawyer fast.

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