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Another Texas Police Beating Caught by Video Dashcam

Technology serves justice this go-round, as another dashcam has provided eyeball testimony of Texas law enforcement using excessive force on a citizen. 

However, this time there’s a twist:  the Dallas Police Chief has already fired one of the police officers on the video, and it’s reported that there will be a recommendation to the D.A. that police officers Kevin Ray Randolph, Paul Gregory Bauer and Henry Walter Duetsch be charged with a felony:  either (1) felony tampering or (2) fabricating physical evidence, as well as charging Randolph and Bauer with misdemeanor assault and oppression. 

One Dallas Cop Has Been Fired; The Other Two are Under Investigation By Internal Affairs

Newbie officer Randolph was the cop who was terminated as a result of the incident.  The other two, Bauer and Duetsch,  are under disciplinary review by Internal Affairs – which could still result in their being fired, too.

Watch Andrew Joseph Collins, 28, Being Victimized by Violence on Video From Dashcam

To see the video of these three cops chasing down Andrew Joseph Collins. 28, in South Dallas on September 4, 2010, and then beat the man with their fists as well as their batons, thank the Dallas Morning News who used the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to this Police Department dashcam video:

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