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JUDGE WATCH: Houston Judge Caught on Video Allegedly Keying Neighbor’s Car Now Subject of Grand Jury Felony Investigation

Down in Houston, the Grand Jury is watching the video below, as well as other evidence, to decide whether or not felony criminal charges should be filed against retired visiting judge Woody Densen.

Seems Judge Densen may have vandalized his neighbor’s Range Rover (as well as the neighbor’s girlfriend’s Mercedes). And the neighbor was on the lookout: he installed surveillance cameras, which were videotaping the judge as the judge walked past his SUV.

The judge does act suspiciously in the video, but geez. It’s in the middle of the day. And he’s a judge. And he’s 69 years old. Surely the judge — or the Grand Jury — is getting punked?

Neighbor Did His Investigation

Well, maybe not. Apparently, the neighbor has been having problems with the vehicles in his driveway being damaged for awhile now, and he’s done his homework to figure out what’s been going on here. And, the harm does add up: the latest scratch marks on the Range Rover will cost $1500 to repair. That’s a hit. And, over time, those repair bills may really be adding up.

What’s the worst he could get if he did scratch — or “key” — his neighbor’s vehicle? Well, it’s more serious than you might think. Judge Densen could be charged with felony criminal mischief, facing jail time and a $10,000 fine. Additionally, he could face disciplinary proceedings brought by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct (which would put his ability to substitute for judges on vacation, medical leave, etc. at risk).

What Can Happen to the Judge?

Given that he’s retired, and 69 years old, if the Commission were to suspense him from taking the bench for a period of time, that probably wouldn’t hurt too bad.

Felony charges, that’s gonna hurt. Ten thousand buck fine plus up to two years in jail is serious punishment.

Seeing this video plastered all over the web? Definitely gotta hurt. You’re a JUDGE, man.




Houston Chronicle

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