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Judge Watch: Federal Trial of Judge Barraza Gets Moved to January Right Before Jury Selection

Back in April, we wrote about the shocking fall from grace of Judge Manuel Barraza, as he was arrested in El Paso by federal authorities on charges of taking bribes and other bad things. 

And now just as the federal trial was about to begin where Judge Manuel Barraza is being tried for fraud everything stops.  Why?  Because the defense succesfully argued that they need more time to review new evidence presented to them by the U.S. Attorney’s office. 

The panel of potential jurors was all ready for jury selection to begin, and then the continuance hit.  Bet they aren’t too upset about the delay.

Barraza’s federal trial is re-set to January 19, 2010. Wanna bet we here of a deal being struck?

Interestingly, Judge Barraza’s attorney is Marvin Mosbacker, one of the co-indictees with Dick Cheney in the Guerra corruption charges filed last year in Raymondville regarding private prison abuses and moved by Judge Manuel Banales (not Barraza) to the Texas Supreme Court. 

Small world.

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