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Dallas Police Chief David Brown Firing Police Officers – Terminations of Veteran Cops Continues in Dallas

Dallas Police Chief David Brown will fire police officers – he’s made news in the past when he sacked Dallas Police Officer Eric Watts back in July 2012 after an internal affairs investigation demonstrated to Chief Brown that the six year veteran had put false information on a police report which formed part of the felony charges against a citizen that were dropped after the dashcam failed to jive with the written incident report filed by Watts.

Police Chief Brown Expected to Fire Two More Veteran Dallas Cops Soon

  • Dallas Police Officer Andrew Maldonado – DWI Charges

This week, news is that two more police officers employed by the Dallas Police Department may be getting their walking papers from Dallas Police Chief Brown.  In the case of Dallas Police Officer Andrew Maldonado, who has been on the job for five years, he may get terminated by Chief Brown (Brown will make the final call soon, Maldonado has already been recommended for termination by DPD investigators).

In Officer Maldonado’s case, he was arrested on a DWI (driving while intoxicated) back in January after he crashed his vehicle into a light pole shortly before dawn over on West Lovers Lane.  Reports from the scene of his arrest show that Maldonado smelled like booze and he lost his balance 8 times in a field sobriety test.  His BAC tested at twice the legal limit, coming in at .18.

The criminal case (a misdemeanor) against Andrew Maldonado is still pending.

  • Dallas Police Officer Victor Esparza – Domestic Violence Charges

Meanwhile, Chief Brown faces another termination decision which some may consider even more serious: Dallas Police Officer Victor Esparza is set for a disciplinary hearing before his boss, and it’s expected to result in Esparza being canned. Why? Victor Esparza, a Dallas Police Officer for over three years, is already on 2 years criminal probation for misdemeanor charges of child endangerment, having originally faced a felony count of endangering a child (his toddler son) and a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at the time.  Esparza was arrested in July 2011 for domestic violence charges:  family violence assault and family violence endangering a child (felony).

Police incident reports from July 2011 have Esparza drunk at his Garland home; the couple quarreled and the girlfriend took their son and left. She told police that Esparza followed her in his car to her apartment, grabbed the one year boy in his car seat from her and put the baby into his vehicle, despite the mother’s protests and her attempts to get the child out of Esparza’s vehicle. She fought to get the baby, did so, and then while trying to take the baby into the apartment, there was a scuffle which ended up with the girlfriend falling on concrete steps and the baby (still in the car seat) falling on top of her. Baby was fine, girlfriend was hurt.

Last month, the felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor and Esparza is now on probation.

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