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The 2018 Boom in Physician Arrests: Characteristics of the Arrested Doctor

It’s happening:  more and more doctors are being arrested and imprisoned on federal charges.  This isn’t a shocker, we’ve been warning about it for a while now.  For details and background info, check out: Health Care Fraud Prosecutions in 2018: Money and Drugs Doctors in Texas Alert: Feds Are Targeting Health Care Fraud Arrests Doctor…

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Resisting Arrest vs Excessive Force: Lessons from Fort Worth Police BodyCam

Back on a hot summer night this past August, a Fort Worth Police Officer named Sergeant Kenneth Pierce responded to a 911 domestic disturbance call.  He had been on the job for over 20 years.  Family violence calls weren’t new to him. He went to the home with a fellow officer, a rookie named Maria…

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When Police Enter Your Home (Or the FBI and ICE) Here in Texas

The Fourth Amendment protects you in the privacy of your home.  In the United States, police cannot enter your home whenever they choose to do so (unlike some other countries).  Here, your privacy is constitutionally protected and private citizens can reside safely in their homes without concern for the government busting through the front door….

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10 Things To Know About Felony Child Porn Charges in Texas

If you think you are being investigated on child pornography charges, then it’s wise to be proactive and learn all you can about state and federal laws for sex crimes and how fast your world can be turned upside down with an arrest. Child Porn Arrests Can Mean Jail and Sex Offender Registry Sentencing can…

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A U.S. District Court Judge told Mr. Lowe’s client: “I’ve given you the biggest break I’ve ever given in the 26 years I’ve been on this bench.” Read about how Mr. Lowe was able to get probation on a Federal Child Porn case even though the client’s maximum guideline range was 168 months in the…

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Probation In A Federal Child Porn Case: Case Study by Defense Attorney Michael Lowe

An Arlington family hired Texas defense attorney Michael Lowe to defend their son on a potential federal trafficking of child pornography.  A few days before, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) under Homeland Security Investigations (“HSI”) executed a federal search warrant for computers and hard drives at the Arlington family residence. Mr. Lowe’s client was…

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Wham, Bam: What’s Going On With the Dallas Police Department

There’s tremendous power in being a police officer anywhere in this country, and that’s especially important for everyone to know here in North Texas and Dallas County.  Protect and serve?  Sure. Thing is, law enforcement in Texas have the power to stop you and take your freedom.  A single officer can arrest you on charges…

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Health Care Fraud Prosecutions in 2018: Money and Drugs

Criminal Investigations, Arrests, and Charges of Doctors, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Billing Services, Clinic Owners, and More on Felony Fraud Charges Anyone involved in the healthcare industry here in Texas need to be prepared for scrutiny by local, state, and federal law enforcement.  Healthcare fraud is a big, big deal these days. The heavy media coverage of…

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Texas in the 2017 DEA National Drug Threat Assessment

A few weeks ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration released its annual drug crime report, entitled the 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment.  It’s published as the government’s latest “…comprehensive strategic assessment of threats posed to our communities by transnational criminal organizations and the illicit drugs they distribute throughout the United States.”  (Report, page 7.) 2017 DEA…

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Prosecutorial Misconduct by Waco District Attorney Alleged by His First Assistant

First things first, remember the big shooting down in Waco last year, where hundreds of arrests were made in the big “biker shootout” at the Twin Peaks restaurant?  We’ve discussed it before, read “Waco Justice? 100 Days After Twin Peaks Biker Arrests, Things Look Fishy to Criminal Defense .” Nov 10th Mistrial in Twin Peaks…

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