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Federal Sentencing Guidelines on Federal Child Pornography cases

How the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are applied in a child porn case Child pornography arrests in Texas are often made by federal agents for violation of federal law.  Congress has passed sweeping and specific criminal statutes dealing with child pornography.  Found in Title 18 USC 2252 – 2260, they define the actions that constitute child…

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The Early Part of a Texas Criminal Case in State or Federal Court

Why a Defense Lawyer is So Important in the First Stages of a Criminal Case Crimes that can get you arrested in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as the rest of the Lone Star State, are defined by the Texas Penal Code as well as federal statute.  Every single day, arrests are…

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What You Need to Know If You are Facing Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking Charges

Crimes involving drug trafficking activities are aggressively prosecuted at both the state and federal levels.  Oftentimes defendants are charged with money laundering crimes in addition to other drug-related offenses.  Michael Lowe, an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney, explains the laws behind money laundering crimes along with the tactics and strategies law enforcement officials use to…

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False Rape or Sexual Assault Claims: False Allegation is a Felony Charge

Last week in a North Texas courtroom up in Sherman, Texas, 19-year-old Breana Rachelle Harmon stood up before the 59th Judicial District court bench and pled guilty to filing a false rape claim back in March 2017. North Texas Teen Pleads Guilty to False Rape Accusation: Harmon Plea Deal Harmon was indicted on (1) two…

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Prosecutorial Misconduct in Twin Peaks: Waco DA Dismisses and AG Refuses to Prosecute

Two weeks ago, Waco Top Prosecutor Abel Reyna recused himself from the prosecution of two cases in the Twin Peaks shootout and successfully moved for dismissal of all charges against another 13 defendants. This happened on the same morning that there was a hearing scheduled on the corruption allegations filed against Reyna in his role…

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Texas Judges Gone Bad: Arrested and Charged for Felonies

Here in Texas, judges preside over all sorts of courts:  municipal courts, county courts, district courts in both the state and federal jurisdictions.  Courts where criminal charges are heard and defended. Judges make all kinds of rulings on law in these criminal cases, like whether or not a search was illegal or if evidence can…

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Carson County 1st Degree Felony Money Laundering Case Dismissed

Mr. Lowe’s client was targeted by State Trooper Danny Dawson as he was travelling west bound on I-40 through Carson County, Texas.  Trooper Dawson stated in his arrest report that Mr. Lowe’s client was following too closely (Texas Transportation Code 545.062)and changed lanes without signalling (Texas Transportation Code 545.104) as the probable cause reasons for…

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How to Avoid Trouble When Pulled Over By State Troopers

My name is Michael Lowe. I’m a criminal defense lawyer here in Dallas, Texas, board certified in criminal law. I’ve been representing clients here in the State of Texas for 20 years. Today, I want to talk to you about drug investigations conducted by state troopers on Texas highways. I want to talk about five…

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What is a Protective Sweep?

More on Police Entering and Searching Your Home without a Warrant Police officers cannot enter your home willy-nilly.  They have to get a judge’s okay that there is “probable cause” to come inside your place, documented in a “search warrant” signed by that judge which they show you when they come inside.  We’ve discussed various…

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Dallas Sex Crime Arrests and Possible Criminal Charges against the Dallas Vice Unit

Texas has more human trafficking cases than any other state in the union except for California, and most of this is sex trafficking.  Texas being Number Two in the USA isn’t news to those involved in the criminal justice system here in North Texas.  It’s been this way for several years now.  In fact, the…

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