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Texas in the 2017 DEA National Drug Threat Assessment

A few weeks ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration released its annual drug crime report, entitled the 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment.  It’s published as the government’s latest “…comprehensive strategic assessment of threats posed to our communities by transnational criminal organizations and the illicit drugs they distribute throughout the United States.”  (Report, page 7.) 2017 DEA…

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Prosecutorial Misconduct by Waco District Attorney Alleged by His First Assistant

First things first, remember the big shooting down in Waco last year, where hundreds of arrests were made in the big “biker shootout” at the Twin Peaks restaurant?  We’ve discussed it before, read “Waco Justice? 100 Days After Twin Peaks Biker Arrests, Things Look Fishy to Criminal Defense .” Nov 10th Mistrial in Twin Peaks…

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Rand Paul Has 5 Broken Ribs:  Simple Assault in Texas

Right now, you probably know that Senator Rand Paul was attacked by his next-door neighbor while mowing his lawn on a Friday afternoon.  News reports are Dr. Paul suffered injuries that are much more serious than originally reported. Apparently, he remains hospitalized today after suffering five broken ribs and damage to his lung.  It may…

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Doctor Warning: Opioid Drug CEO Indictment Is Tip of Health Care Fraud Arrest Iceberg

Last week, two big things happened in the Prescription Drug World which will impact doctors and health care providers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas area.  How? More and more, Texas doctors and local physicians are going to find themselves the subject of criminal investigation and some are going to be shocked as…

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Got Marijuana? What You Need to Know About the Dallas “Cite and Release” Rule

First things first, way too many people here in North Texas who have heard about Dallas’ new “Cite and Release” rule for marijuana possession totally misunderstand the rule.  Please spread the word:  DALLAS COUNTY HAS NOT DECRIMINALIZED MARIJUANA POSSESSION. Here’s what you need to know about marijuana possession in Dallas County today: The Criminal Charge…

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Things to Know about Wire Fraud Today: It’s a Big Deal

Read news stories about arrests or prosecutions here in Texas, and you’ll find Wire Fraud usually gets added into the mix alongside Mail Fraud and the more well-known felonies like Racketeering, or Money Laundering, or Drug Trafficking. Wire fraud is like the apple that gets tossed into the lunchbox – it’s got substance and it…

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The Police Power to Search Your Car:  SCOTUS May Change Things in Byrd and Collins

Things change. And in criminal law, sometimes things change because the Supreme Court of the United States changes them. Last month, we got a heads up that SCOTUS may be changing the law that controls when a police officer can search someone’s car.   That’s because the High Court started its new term right off the…

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When Suits Are Arrested White collar crime prosecutions for various kinds of fraud, among other things, are popping up all over Texas right now.  Professionals in nice suits and enjoying swanky life styles are getting  arrested and charged for all sorts of felonies.   What is White Collar Crime? You probably know more about “white collar…

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Grand Theft Auto, Carjacking, Joy Rides, and Car Theft Rings: Felony or Misdemeanor in Texas

Several months ago, the Dallas Police Department released a list of the most popular motor vehicles to be stolen in Texas.  Apparently, the following ten models of cars and trucks are most likely to be taken by thieves: Ford Pick Up Chevrolet Pick Up Dodge Pick Up Chevrolet Tahoe Honda Civic Honda Accord GMC Pick…

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Carfentanil, Fentanyl Analogues, Heroin, China, the Police, and Felony Arrests

Heroin isn’t the big deal in the opioid crisis anymore.  You might even say that heroin is Old School.  Now, it’s what is being combined with heroin that’s being sold all over the country. Namely, fentanyl and the fentanyl analogues like carfentanil.   And times are changing for everyone involved. The Popularity of Fentanyl Fentanyl is…

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