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Embezzlement: Charged With Theft from Employer

Embezzlement is a particular kind of theft: the crime of embezzlement is theft of money or property by an employee from an employer. In Texas, embezzlement is covered by Chapter 31 of the Texas Penal Code; however, whether or not embezzlement rises to a felony charge or remains a misdemeanor case depends upon circumstances of the individual situation and the amount of money involved.

For anyone accused of stealing from their boss and facing embezzlement theft charges, it can be very helpful to have an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer on their side as soon as possible, even in pre-arrest investigation if the possibility of being arrested for embezzlement is even suspected.

White Collar Crime Embezzlement

However, the need to get a criminal attorney on board is very great when the embezzlement involves lots of money and/or lots of complicated scenarios. When a sales clerk takes some loose dollar bills from the store’s register, it is technically embezzlement (employee stealing things from employer in which they have been entrusted). However, depending upon the amount of money taken, the charge here may be a small one, a misdemeanor, and possibilities exist to negotiate that down to a lesser theft charge (like petty theft).

Embezzlement which is more of a white collar crime needs a criminal defense presence as soon as possible. In these situations, professional reputations are at stake and one’s future livelihood and career path can be in jeopardy (along with felony charges). White Collar Crime Embezzlement cases have large sums of money at issue, with the misappropriation of large sums of money using various methods that are often very creative.

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In White Collar Crime Embezzlement situations, there may have been extensive investigation and monitoring of the defendant before any charges were considered or made. Grand juries may hear expert witnesses testifying about hundreds of documents before serious embezzlement charges are brought against someone.

It is in these situations where an embezzlement defense lawyer can be most successful, because embezzlement cases are ripe for resolution before charges are filed in many situations.

Resolving Embezzlement Cases Outside of the Courtroom

Embezzlement cases are often negotiated and resolved between the employee and the employer, and both leave the settlement table without the calamity that criminal proceedings can bring into daily life. Often, Texas embezzlement cases are tied together with personal relationships and high emotions: the people involved in many embezzlement situations often know each other well, having worked together side by side, day by day, for months or even years. Negotiations at this juncture can be not only stress-reducing for everyone involved, they can also be kept private and protective of reputations and goodwill.

Embezzlement charges are brought against a variety of employees and independent contractors: bookkeepers, accountants, personal assistants, secretaries, trustees, executors, administrators, even attorneys can be vulnerable to charges of embezzling from accounts and funds to which they have access. In embezzlement situations, there are rarely strangers involved.

A quick, proactive response to an accusation of embezzlement can sometimes result in a fast resolution to the controversy – if an aggressive, experienced theft criminal defense lawyer can get to work as soon as possible. This is even truer when the prosecution (county district attorney, Assistant Attorney General, Assistant United States Attorney) has begun working on embezzlement charges.

 Texas Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

As a former prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer with over 150 jury trials defending clients against charges brought by district attorneys and U.S. federal prosecutors in Dallas County, Tarrant County, and elsewhere in the State of Texas, Board Certified Criminal Lawyer Michael Lowe not only brings his years of experience to each case, he also dedicates 100% of his law practice to the defense of those being accused of a crime under Texas or federal law.

With a streamlined law firm that coordinates its efforts to give each client the personal attention that they need and deserve when fighting against the government and the possibility of jail time, fines, permanent marks on public records, prison incarceration, loss of licensure, loss of jobs, absence from family events and everyday living, Michael Lowe maintains an efficient and excellent criminal trial practice that is ready to help you or your loved ones in your defense against criminal charges from pre-arrest investigation to post-trial appeals.

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