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In Texas, someone can be arrested and charged with the crime of theft anytime there is a complaint that they took another person’s personal property (and this includes anything from someone’s identity to their pets) without permission and without intended to pay for the thing that was taken. This, of course, covers a wide variety of situations and there are many allegations of theft that are really just two people emotionally upset with each other and venting over who owns what (usually in a break up of some sort).

However, theft charges can be serious. Robbery, larceny, burglary, possession of stolen goods – these are all serious felony charges in Texas that spring out of a Theft charge. Internet fraud, Credit card fraud, embezzlement, mail fraud, wire fraud – these are examples of other felony charges that involve theft offenses.

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Wide Range of Sentencing in Theft Convictions in Texas

Punishment for theft convictions is primarily determined by Texas statutes defining sentences for theft convictions by the value of the items that were taken. Texas Penal Code 31.03(e) provides the following sentences depending upon the total monetary value assessed for the theft:

$1 – $50 | Class C misdemeanor

$50 – $500 | Class B misdemeanor

$500 – $1,500 | Class A misdemeanor

$1,500 – $20,000 | State jail felony

$20,000 – $100,000 | Third-degree felony

$100,000 – $200,000 |Second-degree felony

Over $200,000 | First-degree felony


Prosecutors’ Preparation for Theft Charges Needs Experienced Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Theft in modern times can be the result of deception as well as physical presence in the taking of someone else’s property. Identity theft, credit card fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, and other felony crimes pursued by Texas prosecutors and federal Assistant United States Attorneys more and more often involve sophisticated fact patterns and lengthy investigations. Special expertise is involved in both proving these theft cases as well as defending against the charges.

Prosecutors in theft charges today are also much fiercer in pursuing felony convictions in cases where things have been taken from elderly victims or those considered more vulnerable to bad acts. This is especially true in situations involving theft of bank funds, savings accounts, and other financial resources via online thefts.

If you are facing theft charges, especially the more sophisticated ones based upon deception and/or internet access of some sort, it is very important to consult with an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer with experience in theft defense as soon as possible. In these situations, it is likely that the prosecutors have spent significant time and effort building the bases for their charges and at the time of arrest, they will have compiled significant facts to assert against you.

As a former prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer with over 150 jury trials defending clients against charges brought by district attorneys and U.S. federal prosecutors in Dallas County, Tarrant County, and elsewhere in the State of Texas, Board Certified Criminal Lawyer Michael Lowe not only brings his years of experience to each case, he also dedicates 100% of his law practice to the defense of those being accused of a crime under Texas or federal law.

With a streamlined law firm that coordinates its efforts to give each client the personal attention that they need and deserve when fighting against the government and the possibility of jail time, fines, permanent marks on public records, prison incarceration, loss of licensure, loss of jobs, absence from family events and everyday living, Michael Lowe maintains an efficient and excellent criminal trial practice that is ready to help you or your loved ones in your defense against criminal charges from pre-arrest investigation to post-trial appeals.

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