Criminal records can follow you the rest of your life, and while many will assert that’s how it should be, there are many instances where wiping someone’s slate clean is the fair thing to do — it’s not sneaky or wrong. In fact, expungement of criminal records has been approved and provided for by the Texas legislature and the Texas courts. It’s legal in Texas to clear or erase or seal your past criminal record in many situations and it’s not that hard to do.

Thing is: it costs money to do it, more often than not, because a lawyer is usually hired to handle the process of “expungement.” I’ve been hired by many clients to have their criminal records expunged or sealed, as have many of my fellow Texas criminal defense lawyers.

However, some people cannot afford to have an attorney take their case in order to get their criminal records expunged even if their future careers, scholarships, jobs, military service, and other important parts of their future would benefit from an expungement.

I want to change that for them and help people who could benefit from an expungement — as a Board Certified Criminal Defense lawyer practicing in Dallas, I’ve seen many situations where people who have made a mistake or an indiscretion deserve that second chance. It’s a second chance that can mean all the different for someone – and their families.


1. What is Expungement? Learn All About Texas Expungement Law Here

To help these folk, we’ve provided lots of information here on the web site that explains what expungement is and how to go about getting a Texas criminal history expunged. To read up on Texas expungement law and how criminal records can get erased or sealed and freed from your future, check out:


2. How to Expunge Your Texas Criminal Record: Free Expungement Forms

In my years representing all sorts of people (young and old, male and female, etc.) who have been accused of committing a crime here in Texas, I have come to understand the complexities of criminal law — not just in the practice of law, but in all the ways that a single criminal case can impact a person and their loved ones. One criminal matter can change a person’s life forever — and permanently alter the lives of their parents, kids, spouses, family and friends.

If an expungement can help these people and if they meet the criteria for an expungement under Texas law, then I believe that the expungement eligibility tests we have created here should be made available to them.

Accordingly, I have placed the following documents here for your review as well as in my online Digital Library. I’ll be sharing their availability in social media as well (Twitter, Google+).

I believe that these checklists, summaries, and forms are very helpful and useful and I want to share this info to help people in need of a second chance, if possible.



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    My family and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for. Your sense of urgency and your attitude made my family and I feel safe when we needed it. If any of my friends/family members are ever in trouble you can bet I will refer you to them! I can’t thank you enough for your work. You completely won my trust the first day i came into your office without hope and I saw you waiting for me with all the paperwork about my case, this is where i knew I was going to hire you. From the bottom of our families hearts, thank you. I thank god for putting you in our path and leading us back to our normal life. You’re amazing kindhearted lawyer and anyone that looks into hiring you definitely should.
    Sincerely, Jorge Torres.

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    I really wish you were in Louisiana. Lord bless you sir.

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