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 Michael Lowe is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Has a friend or family member been arrested in Dallas County for a charge, other than city tickets or traffic tickets?

ARTICLE: The Top 7 Bail Bonds Traps: Don’t Get Caught in One of Them!

Is there a warrant out for your arrest? Is it an arrest warrant or a bench warrant? Can you get out of jail on bond? How do you get a bail bond? How much does the bond have to be? Mr. Lowe knows that Dallas Bail Bondsmen won’t have your best interest at heart. Mr. Lowe has been combating this problem through education.

First, Mr. Lowe wrote: The Top 7 Bail Bonds Traps: Don’t Get Caught in One of Them! Mr. Lowe makes the complicated and unfair bonding process simple and easy to understand.

If you need the bond posted now, then the Law Offices of Michael Lowe can help.

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