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Probation on Federal Texas Eastern District Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods

Mr. Lowe’s client hired him two years ago after a disappointing experience with another attorney.  At that time, the Department of Homeland Security had raided his client’s home based on a search warrant supported by an evidentiary affidavit establishing probable cause.  The raid yielded 63,088 counterfeit DVDs in the client’s possession, which were valued at $741,284.00….

Cyber Fraud Manhunt – FBI’s Most Wanted List for Internet Crime Gets Five New Additions: Computer Crimes and Internet Fraud Very Profitable

This week, there’s lots of discussion in the news media about the Obamacare web site, and the revelation that standard procedures for testing the safety and security of the software for personal data being placed into the system by Americans seeking information at the Affordable Care Act site ( were not followed. (For more, see…