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Unjustly Accused of Sexual Assault: When Rape Allegations Aren’t True There’s Still a Victim

Rapes and sexual assaults do happen in here in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, as they do all around the State of Texas, and these are horrible, life-changing events for the victims (both men and women). However, as criminal defense lawyers who represents people accused of rape and sexual assault know well, there is…

Collin County Sexual Assault “No Billed”

Mr. Lowe got his client’s 2nd degree Felony Sexual Assault charged “no billed” in Collin County.  Mr. Lowe’s client (Texas State licensed armed security guard) was attempting to remove his live-in girlfriend from his home in Plano, Texas.  When Plano Police arrived at the scene, his girlfriend claimed that Mr. Lowe’s client sexually assaulted (“rape”)…


Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Top 10 List of Mistakes Made in Sexual Assault and Indecency With a Child Cases 1. Can You Get Probation? This may seem like an obvious question but it’s not. It seems like every legislative session our representatives pass a law taking probation or community supervision off the table on more…

Sexual Assault Charges in Texas: More Often, Women are Accused of Sex Crimes

Sexual assault arrests in Texas are life-changing situations: anyone busted for sexual assault here faces serious felony charges with the possibility of a long sentence in a Texas state prison. Just being arrested by police on a charge of “sexual assault” can cause major and permanent damage to someone’s reputation and relationships both personally and…

Sexual Assaults on Campus: SMU Investigated by Feds for Failure to Properly Deal with Campus Rape Crimes

Last month, the federal government made public a list of 55 colleges and universities that the federal authorities are investigating for illegally and improperly dealing with sexual assault and sex crime complaints by students to the school powers-that-be. Specifically, the Department of Education is looking into whether or not there have been civil rights (Title…

New DOJ Report Reveals Sexual Assaults and Rapes of Inmates Is Widespread With Texas Prisons Among the Highest Reported

The Department of Justice has released a new report which reveals that lots of people are getting raped and sexually assaulted in jails and prisons: assaults on inmates are a real problem in Texas and the United States. Read the report, “Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, 2011–12” here. Crimes Behind Bars:…

Dallas County Sexual Assault Case No Billed

2nd Degree Felony Sexual Assault Case No Billed by the Dallas County Grand Jury

Collin County Sexual Assault Allegation Rejected

Collin County District Attorney Reject Sexual Assault Allegation

Dallas Aggravated Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

1st Degree Case Dismissed in Dallas County

Dallas Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

2nd Degree Sexual Assault Case Dismissed in Dallas County