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Evading Arrest No Billed/Dallas County Grand Jury

Mr. Lowe’s client was arrested and charged with Evading Arrest and Detention by the University Park Police on April 30, 2013.  Mr. Lowe’s client was driving through a construction zone on the SMU campus on the way to pick up his family from the Highland Park Methodist Church, Christmas Eve 2012.  University Park police attempted to waive the client down after he was travelling the wrong direction on a street on campus.  Mr. Lowe’s client failed to stop and continued driving for another 2-3 blocks with University Park Police in pursuit with the overhead lights and sirens activated.  During the pursuit, Mr. Lowe’s client ran 2 stop signs.  Mr. Lowe’s client was immediately arrested for Third Degree Felony Evading Arrest.  Mr. Lowe’s client had never before been arrested and is a successful businessman in the North Texas area.  After conducting thorough pre-indictment discovery, including an Examining Trial, Mr. Lowe made a presentation to a Dallas County Grand Jury.  Mr. Lowe’s work resulted in his client’s NO BILL from the Dallas County Grand Jury.  Mr. Lowe’s client will be eligible to have his record expunged.  The following is a review that Mr. Lowe’s client recently posted:

As this was my first time to need a criminal defense attorney, I did a bit of research and interviewed three different Board Certified Criminal Defense attorneys, one of which had been recommended by a relative which practices criminal law in another state. I ended up choosing Michael Lowe because he was more knowledgeable and provided a quick and concise strategy without having to reference law books or “guess” about a defense plan. He clearly stated what should have happened the night of my arrest, what could (by law) happen as consequences, what he would do, and the possible outcome(s). I fully disclosed what occurred and he fully disclosed to me the process, procedures and outcome he would set as the goal. Ultimately, Michael obtained a “NO-BILL” from the Dallas County Grand Jury. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive Board Certified Criminal defense Attorney.

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