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Cop Watch: Local Cops Crazy-Taser on Video, Suspensions Follow in One Instance

This blog continues to collect stories from around the state involving law enforcement’s inappropriate use of stun guns, or “Tasers.” Today, two more stories unfold – both captured on video.

1. Setting in Back of the Car, Get Tasered in Dallas — “Take It!! Take It!!!”

Dallas cops were chasing a Honda through the West End back in March. There were three men inside the Honda, and they were thought to have beat up another man in the downtown area earlier that night.

The Dallas cops got the first two men out of the vehicle, pulling one out by his feet, the other by his arms. But it was the third man, setting in the back seat of the car and already handcuffed, who angered the police somehow. Because one cop used a Taser on the guy, while another yelled “take it!! take it!!” as the man is clearly screaming in pain.

The Dallas cop who used the stun gun is still out on the street. Two Dallas police supervisors are on suspension. (Yes, you read that right. The cop who yelled “take it!” is still out on the streets, with a stated goal to protect and serve.)

Watch that video here.

2. Refuse to sign a Traffic Ticket, Get Threatened with a Taser in Fort Worth

Over in Fort Worth, a man was pulled over for speeding on his way to work. This guy, Ryan Majcher, was a Citizen on Patrol volunteer and a well-respected member of the community. We’re not talking some evildoer trying to escape from the scene of a crime here. This wasn’t O.J. in a Bronco on the freeway; this was a guy who was late for work ….

Well, Fort Worth traffic cop GP Jeandron pulled Ryan over, and wrote him a ticket for speeding. Then the cop asked Ryan to sign it. Twice. Ryan didn’t do it, didn’t sign. So, the cop pulled out the Taser and threatened to zap him.

The Fort Worth traffic cop is also on the streets today, to protect and serve. Seems Fort Worth authorities watched the video and found that the traffic cop did nothing wrong.

Watch that video here.

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