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Cop Watch: Galveston County Cops Use Taser and Man Dies

The news reports are still somewhat sketchy at this point, but on Sunday night a man was obviously under the influence of something — drugs or alcohol — and some cops in Galveston County tried to bust him.

It happened in La Marque. It wasn’t that late — just a bit after nine o’clock last night. Media reports are that someone called the cops, complaining about this guy acting loopy.

LaMarque Cops Taser the Guy and He Dies

When the police found him, the guy was rolling around in a ditch near the intersection of Main and Lake. According to news reports, when local cops tried to bust him he fought back, and some cop decided to use the Taser.

So, the loopy guy got Tasered and that’s all we know. Except that apparently, things took a serious toll because the next thing we know at this point is that the man was taken to Mainland General Hospital — where he died.

Investigation of the Policemen Involved in this Incident Already Begun

The four cops at the scene have been placed on desk duty until an investigation is completed. According to the media, none of them have any serious injuries, but there may be an admission that they were checked out at the hospital, as well, last night.

Remember the Wedding Last March? Galveston Cops Already Have a National Reputation for Excessive Force

Last March, we posted about the wedding where Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe got busted in a ruckus at a wedding reception where there’s video of the Galveston cops using a stun gun on the father of the bride.

Remember the Police Chief last month who Tasered His Own Wife?

And, in April, we wrote about the Oakwood Police Chief who used a Taser on his own wife. Yep, his own wife.

Does anyone see a theme here? Maybe Texas legislators need to investigate a possible state-wide problem of Taser-happy cops?


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