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Cop Watch: Exotic Dancer’s Testimony Believed Over Dallas Cops and Felony Drug Case Thrown Out by Dallas Judge

Scarlett Haley is an exotic dancer here in Dallas. On Monday, Scarlett testified before District Judge Pat McDowell, telling the Court that the Dallas cops had lied. The Judge believed her, not the police. Wow. And, yes, this is a true story.

Here’s what happened – according to Scarlett.

Scarlett was asleep, at home, when there was a knock at the door. Her mother answered, and Dallas police came in. They were looking for Scarlett’s boyfriend. They were looking for drugs.

Seems the police had a tip that there was “drug activity” at the house.

Scarlett, 20 years old at the time, described how the police appeared in her bedroom (uninvited) and while other officers were rummaging through the house, told her that they had already found drugs and Scarlett had two choices: sign the document they were waiving in front of her – a consent to the search – or face arrest.

Scarlett also testified that the Dallas police threatened her children.

Specifically, if she didn’t sign the consent form, they would call CPS and her kids would be taken from her. So, she signed.

Later, Scarlett took and passed a polygraph exam.

Scarlett had a perfect score on the lie detector test. No one in the courtroom disputed it.

And between the polygraph and her live testimony on the stand, Scarlett the Exotic Dancer beat the Dallas Police Department. Three veterans of the department, to be exact, who also took the stand that day were found to have less credibility than young Scarlett.

The Judge threw out evidence taken in that search of the home, forcing prosecutors this past Monday to ask that their case against her boyfriend, involving four felony drug cases, be dismissed.

What’s going on here?

Well, the three seasoned cops who testified, and who took part in that search of Scarlett’s home, were part of a Dallas police unit that is being investigated by local prosecutors. This police squad sounds like your basic bad news: its supervisor was moved to a desk job after the prosecutors determined (there’s a letter from their office in the public record confirming this) that this cop couldn’t be trusted by the District Attorney’s office to testify in court.

This same supervisor was one of the police officers that bullied their way into Scarlett’s house that day.

You’ve read about that squad here before, check out our earlier post on this squad from last February.


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