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New 2017 Federal Drug Policy from Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Last week, the Attorney General of the United States sent a memo to all the Offices of the U.S. Attorney General around the country, including the one overseeing the Northern District of Texas that prosecutes federal crimes here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s a big deal for anyone facing criminal charges here in Texas,…

Texas Prosecutor on Trial for Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutorial misconduct is a problem of epidemic proportions in this country.  There is lots of discussion in criminal justice circles (and elsewhere) about how best to rein in these rogues and stop the rampant injustice created by prosecutorial misconduct. For more on the severity and seriousness of the prosecutorial misconduct problem in Texas, read our…

Federal Forfeiture Reform: 81% Property Seized By DOJ from People Never Charged With a Crime

Last week, the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Justice published its report on federal civil forfeiture, entitled “Review of the Department’s Oversight of Cash Seizure and Forfeiture Activities.” The full report is available online and has been stored in the Michael Lowe Digital Library for your convenience.  Read it here.  …

Brendan Dassey Motion for Release from Jail During Appeal of Wrongful Conviction Ruling

The Motion to Release Brendan Dassey on his own recognizance (no bail bond) has been filed with the federal court that ruled he was the victim of a wrongful conviction.  Both the motion and its memorandum in support (which has all the legal arguments) have been placed in the Michael Lowe Digital Library. This supplements…

Success in Intoxication Manslaughter Case Before Fort Worth Court of Appeals: Patterson v. State of Texas

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals (panel of Justices Walker, Gabriel, and Sudderth) has issued its opinion in an appeal of an intoxication manslaughter case coming out of Cooke County, Texas.  Michael Lowe was not on board for the criminal DWI / manslaughter trial court proceedings; he began representing the defendant, Steve Patterson, afterwards in…

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price Indictment – Full Text of Federal Grand Jury Indictment July 2014

John Wiley Price’s Indictment was unsealed yesterday.  For the convenience of anyone wishing to read the 100+ page federal grand jury indictment of the Dallas County Commissioner, we’ve uploaded it as a pdf file for your convenience. Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price – Full Text Dallas County Commissioner John…

July 18, 2014 USSC Amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines – Full Text

The July 19, 2014, amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines adopted and approved by the United States Sentencing Commission (Retroactive Reduction) have been placed in the Michael Lowe Digital Library for your convenience.    

Report on Forfeiture Abuse by State and Federal Law Enforcement Added to Michael Lowe Digital Library Today

Today, a report detailing the abuses of civil forfeiture laws by law enforcement officials in Texas and around the country, including federal agencies, was added to Michael Lowe’s collection in his Digital Library: Policing for Profit, The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture by Institute for Justice 2010

Protecting Privacy of Criminal Lawyer and Client Communications: Article by Michael Lowe added to Online Digital Library

Click on the image to visit the Michael Lowe Digital Library to read or download this InDepth Article as well as other documents collected by Michael Lowe online.

Justice Department Comments (34 Pages) to the Proposed Amendments to Federal Sentencing Guidelines Added to Michael Lowe Digital Library

Comments to Proposed Amendments to Federal Sentencing Guidelines by the Justice Department in March 2014