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Arrested for Bank Fraud in Texas

When you are arrested for bank fraud in Texas, the charges usually come along with other serious felony charges like money laundering and mail fraud.   Identity theft and RICO charges may accompany a bank fraud charge, too. Over the past few years, more and more prosecutions in both state and federal court involve some kind…

Arresting Texas Doctors for Health Care Fraud: What You Need to Know

If you are a practicing physician here in North Texas, then you need to recognize how very, very serious the federal government is in targeting health care fraud.  The Justice Department is eager to find and arrest doctors, as well as other professionals, on all sorts of federal felony charges based upon fraud involving health…

Dallas County 1st Degree Felony Theft More Than $100,000 Case No Billed

Dallas County 1st Degree Felony Theft Case No Billed.

Richardson Police, Dallas County Felony Tampering With a Governmental Record Case No Billed

Dallas County Tampering With a Governmental Document Case No Billed

Texas Shale Oil Fraud Felony Cases: Illegal Investment Ponzi Schemes?

Recently, a Dallas investment scheme orchestrated by Brian Polito and his company EOG Resources got snagged by the federal authorities, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) filing suit here in a Texas federal district court alleging Polito had conned millions of dollars from his investors through the sale of interests in Texas oil and…

Oil Fraud Case of Brian Polito : The Canary in the Coal Mine Warning of Future Texas Oil Fraud Arrests

Texas oil is the stuff of legend, and in a scandal worthy of television dramas like Dallas with J.R. Ewing, recently the Securities and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) filed a formal complaint in a Texas federal district court alleging that a local Texas man named Brian J. Polito had conned some folk out of millions of…

Probation Northern District of Texas Federal Marriage Fraud

Client received probation on Federal Marriage Fraud Case in the Northern District of Texas.

Credit Card Fraud Is Very Profitable and Easy to Do, No Wonder Credit Card Crimes Are Happening All Over the Country

Credit Card Fraud involves creating fake credit cards legitimately issued by lenders and to borrow cash or buy things using that credit card without any intention of repaying the credit card debt. Credit Card Fraud can also include identity theft, where legitimate credit cards or credit histories are used to get cash or purchasing power….

Dallas Felony Forgery Case Dismissed

Mr. Lowe’s client was charged with Forgery of a check in an amount more than $1,500.  Mr. Lowe’s client was charged and indicted for a State Jail Felony which is punishable by up to 2 years in the State Jail.  Before Mr. Lowe was hired on his case, the client had failed to appear for…