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Things to Know about Wire Fraud Today: It’s a Big Deal

Read news stories about arrests or prosecutions here in Texas, and you’ll find Wire Fraud usually gets added into the mix alongside Mail Fraud and the more well-known felonies like Racketeering, or Money Laundering, or Drug Trafficking. Wire fraud is like the apple that gets tossed into the lunchbox – it’s got substance and it…

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The Police Power to Search Your Car:  SCOTUS May Change Things in Byrd and Collins

Things change. And in criminal law, sometimes things change because the Supreme Court of the United States changes them. Last month, we got a heads up that SCOTUS may be changing the law that controls when a police officer can search someone’s car.   That’s because the High Court started its new term right off the…

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When Suits Are Arrested White collar crime prosecutions for various kinds of fraud, among other things, are popping up all over Texas right now.  Professionals in nice suits and enjoying swanky life styles are getting  arrested and charged for all sorts of felonies.   What is White Collar Crime? You probably know more about “white collar…

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Grand Theft Auto, Carjacking, Joy Rides, and Car Theft Rings: Felony or Misdemeanor in Texas

Several months ago, the Dallas Police Department released a list of the most popular motor vehicles to be stolen in Texas.  Apparently, the following ten models of cars and trucks are most likely to be taken by thieves: Ford Pick Up Chevrolet Pick Up Dodge Pick Up Chevrolet Tahoe Honda Civic Honda Accord GMC Pick…

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Carfentanil, Fentanyl Analogues, Heroin, China, the Police, and Felony Arrests

Heroin isn’t the big deal in the opioid crisis anymore.  You might even say that heroin is Old School.  Now, it’s what is being combined with heroin that’s being sold all over the country. Namely, fentanyl and the fentanyl analogues like carfentanil.   And times are changing for everyone involved. The Popularity of Fentanyl Fentanyl is…

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What are Racketeering Charges?  Organized Crime, Gangs and Cartels, and Overcharging RICO

Most people think of movies like “The Untouchables” or “the Godfather” when asked about “racketeering” charges and arrests on R.I.C.O. violations.  Makes sense; RICO was designed to combat “organized crime” in this country, and as a general rule that has meant the Mafia.  The Cosa Nostra was its original target. RICO Act: Racketeering Charges Expand…

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Police Officer Arrest of Utah Nurse Alex Wubbels: Lessons for All of Us

First you have to watch the video of what happened in a Utah emergency room on July 26, 2017.  The video shows what happens after Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne demands a blood sample from patient William Gray. Blood Sample Not From Suspect Seems Mr. Gray was being given medical treatment at the hospital…

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Prosecutors Have Standards to Follow: the Federal Principles of Prosecution

Prosecutorial misconduct remains at epidemic proportions here in Texas as well as the rest of the United States.  We discuss the problem periodically because it’s a scary reality for criminal defense lawyers and their clients. Prosecutors can abuse their power and do bad things.  It happens.  All too often. For more on prosecutorial misconduct, check…

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New Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Filed Against Attorney General, DOJ, and DEA

Two and a half weeks ago, a little girl from Rowlett named Alexis Bortell filed a lawsuit in federal court against the federal government because she wants access to medical marijuana here in Texas.  She’s sick; Alexis suffers from epileptic seizures. Medical marijuana helps her – she doesn’t have the seizures if she uses it. …

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Do Police Need Search Warrants to Access Digital Information?  The Importance of Carpenter v. United States

Anyone in Texas that has a cellphone needs to know about a case that is before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) right now.  The case is filed as Case No. 16-402 and styled Carpenter v. United States.  You can follow it here on the SCOTUS online docket. Why This SCOTUS Case is…

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