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Juvenile Arrests in Texas: When Kids Are Charged With Adult Crimes

Here in Texas, there’s lots of talk about what is the right age for prosecution as an adult and not as a juvenile.  Is Texas wrong to prosecute seventeen year olds as adults?  Big hint here: the United States Supreme Court has ruled that in the United States of America, you become a legal adult…

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Heroin Overdose Antidote Naloxone (Narcan) Available Over the Counter in Dallas and Fort Worth

Heroin overdoses kill people.  Ditto, other opioids – like fentanyl.  In fact, it’s much easier to OD on fentanyl than heroin.  Why?  Fentanyl is extremely powerful; more so than heroin. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Here in North Texas, combining heroin with synthetic opioid fentanyl is popular.  Fentanyl-heroin blends are sold…

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Child Pornography: Defending Against Overreaching Investigations Using the Internet

Here in Texas, specific teams of law enforcement are dedicated to investigating, arresting, and prosecuting child pornography laws.  Their focus is solely on building cases against individuals violating either state or federal child porn statutes.   That’s fine.  Task forces have been around for years. Overreaching Child Porn Investigations Violate the Law The problem today is…

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Prosecutorial Misconduct in Texas: Right Now, it’s an Appellate Fight

Prosecutorial misconduct isn’t going away.  It’s a very serious problem here in Texas.  And it’s been a huge evil lurking in our criminal justice system for many years. Why is it so wicked?  Because a prosecutor has so much control over what happens to an individual who has had their freedom taken from them by…

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Getting Out of Jail in Texas on a Writ of Habeas Corpus

There’s more than one way to regain your freedom after an arrest here in Texas.  Under either federal or state law, you can challenge the legality of your situation – being held behind bars – by filing an application with the court for a “writ of habeas corpus.” What is a Writ of Habeas Corpus?…

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2017 Dallas RIGHT Program: Mentally Ill Avoid Bail and Jail

Mental illness often leads to arrest here in Dallas and North Texas.  All too often, people suffering from any number of psychological issues find themselves behind bars of local state and county jails. Frequently they remain in jail, and without treatment, because they are unable to make bail.  This isn’t news.  It’s a problem that…

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Will Texas End Civil Forfeiture in 2017?

Right now, the police can take your property and keep it forever even if you are never convicted of any crime.  Things may change soon, though. Here’s the skinny: New Law Proposed to End Civil Forfeiture in Texas In a matter of weeks, state lawmakers will return to Austin for the 85th Biennial Texas Legislative…

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The New DEA Drug Report: Drug Cartels, Doctors, and Health Care Fraud

The 2016 National Drug Threat Assessment Report from the Drug Enforcement Administration has been released. The biggest problem: controlled prescription drugs.  This month, the latest annual report from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been released.  It’s filled with information concerning illegal drugs like heroin and street drugs like synthetic marijuana. Read the complete 2016…

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Arresting Texas Doctors for Health Care Fraud: What You Need to Know

If you are a practicing physician here in North Texas, then you need to recognize how very, very serious the federal government is in targeting health care fraud.  The Justice Department is eager to find and arrest doctors, as well as other professionals, on all sorts of federal felony charges based upon fraud involving health…

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Health Care Fraud: 21 Indictments in Forest Park Medical Center Case

Last Thursday here in Dallas, the seal on a November 16, 2016, federal grand jury indictment was removed.  The unsealed indictment’s revelations hit the medical community of North Texas (and probably the rest of the state) like a tsunami.   Forest Park Medical Center Fraud Indictment Unsealed It’s the Indictment filed in Case No. 3-16CR-0516D…

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